Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blooming tea

This was my last assignment for MATS bootcamp (I will have to write another post about the experience… it was that amazing). We had to choose our favourite beverage and do a personal piece that could work as wall art. Everything about this was hard… first choosing just one drink (turns out I have hundreds) and then doing something that only I would like (really… just me?) – not easy!! In the end my calming chamomile, rooibos and honeybush tea is what gets me to the land of nod every night so I went with that. And one thing lead to another… before I knew it there was fynbos, wild flowers and honeybees all around. I love bright colours so that part was easy. I've tweaked the version I uploaded… the saucer now has some detail and I overlapped some of the flowers. To see the one I submitted and heaps of genuinely extraordinary illustration work please do check out the official gallery here

Oh – and I still can't decide… yellow or grey stripes? It's the kind of thing that could keep me awake at night. Thank goodness for my calming chamomile…


  1. I love your work Sona. I'm looking at this with my son Ollie and we both like the yellow stripes, Daniella xxx

    1. Hello Daniella! Thank you SO much for your feedback… I'm so delighted that you (and Ollie) like it :)) xxxx