Friday, June 5, 2015

New work

It's been ages (years?) since I last posted anything on this completely neglected blog. But I have been rather busy (what's new). Without any further excuses here goes: I have been doing another Lilla Rogers Bootcamp for Make Art That Sells and have done 3 out of the 4 assignments so far. Here are 2 that I was really happy with. Between all this I also did an Adobe illustrator course and I have to say it's great to feel a bit more comfortable in that program now. Here is the poster I did for The Global Art Gathering. I really loved doing the hand lettering. The colour palette (given by Lilla) was also beautful. Very easy to work with and enjoy.


This one was for a plate design where we were asked to create a colour pattern and then overlay a dark silouette of a crustacean. I confess I got very attached to my pattern and couldn't bring myself to put anything over it. My husband suggests I just tell everyone it's on the other side of the plate :)