Friday, February 21, 2014

Back to school

I am so excited… I can hardly breath. Let alone draw. I have signed up for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp e-course with Lilla Rogers. Oh my! Just writing this is exciting. Taking deep breaths, and very teeny weeny baby steps… here goes.

First assignment: cuckoo clocks. I wasn't sure where to start with this and then one morning I was very amused to see one of our new chickens perched right on top of their coop. And thank goodness with that came some inspiration. Here is my doodle for my Chicken Coo-Coop clock!

As much as I loved this prelim sketch… when it came to translating it onto a cell phone case (part 2 of project one) it just didn't work. So I went back to the beginning (read: husband, wine, Saturday night out and a Dias Tavern napkin) and I had another go.

It's a process…

On Tuesday (the 25th of Feb) when the class gallery goes live I will post what I submitted… watch this space.